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We are a Mobile dent repair company and can repair your car, van or motorbike tank dents at your home or work!

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Paintless Dent Removal and Repair, commonly referred to as 'PDR', has taken the automotive industry by storm and has quickly become the preferred method for repairing door dings, dents and damage.

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is an enviromently friendly process of removing small dings and dents from vehicles without sanding, filling, or repainting the original finish of the vehicle.




Body panel metal has "memory". It will return to its original shape and contour when massaged into place. In paintless dent repair, we use specialized tools to reach inside the body panels and gently massage the dent until it's flush with the surface. With the tool in place, we use a gentle prying motion to push out the dent. Any fine scratches left on the clear coat layer, or paint from the damaging car, can be polished off, once these steps are completed, the paint and sheet metal are returned to factory condition.




Since the invention of the shopping trolley and narrow parking spaces, discriminating car owners have returned to their cars with dread, hoping not to find a fresh door ding or dent in their previously perfect car. In the past the only option was a trip to the body shop for an estimate on filling the dent or ding and repainting a portion of the car.




In the past before PDR, the only alternative was to have a body shop strip the damaged panels to bare metal, cover the panel with filler, sand, and repaint. Having just two or three door dings repaired using traditional body shop methods can cost hundreds of pounds and take days or weeks to repair, causing the customer great inconvenience. We can do the same job for much less and it only takes about an hour. Today's lighter-gauge sheet metals are easier to bend, and body paints are now flexible enough to stretch without cracking.

What is PDR?

PDR or Paintless dent removal

Pdr, paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair, bridgend south wales

Pdr, paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair, bridgend south wales


We are mobile and operate in Bridgend, Cardiff, Swansea and across South Wales

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