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Can all dents be repaired using the Paintless Dent

Removal Process!

Pdr, paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair, bridgend south wales

Pdr, paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair, bridgend,

swansea,neath, port talbot, cardiff, newport, south wales.

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No, not all dents can be repaired using Paintless Dent Removal.


The 3 main limitations to being able to repair a dent using paintless dent repair are, The location of the dent, the depth of the dent and if it's stretched the metal and 3 if the paint is cracked. Supprisingly the size of the dent is not a factor as many good dent repair technicains are able to read the dent, even the big dents (football size) and determine a plan of action of pushing the panel back to it's original position. With the finished result a panel with no visible sign of any dent. This is when Paintless Dent Removal can really impress.


Paintless limitations in detail:


1. The Location of the dent.


 As Paintless Dent Removal uses tools to get behind the dented panel, if the technician can't get behind the dent then he won't be able to push it back to normal. Most dent repair technicians know many tricks of the trade to get behind hard to reach panels and all will remove inner trim panels, and plastic wheel arch inner trims to gain access. Some technicians like Mr Dentare even using special glue pulling equipment which pull the dent out from the outer surface of the panel. click here for more info.


2. The depth of the dent and if it's stretched the metal.


The depth of the dent and if the dent has stretched the panel are sometimes linked in that once the dent has pushed deep into the panel  it can stretch the panel losing the metal memory and therefore making it difficult if not impossble to massage the dent out of the panel. This is sometimes evident with deep creases.


3. If the paint is cracked.


As Paintless Dent Removal is as it says on the 'box' no paint is used. If the dent has cracked the paint or put scratches through the paint to the bear metal. Then as a customers point of view theres no point in paying a Dent repair company to remove the dent then have a body shop to paint it. This is a job for the body shop.

However, for a dent with minor surface abrasions these can sometimes be polished out.

and with a dent containg a small chip it is not unheard of for the dent techician to remove the dent then the customer to touch the dent up themselves saving sometimes up to hundreds of pounds compared to having the panel painted.